Akakura Central Hotel
The Akakura Central Hotel is located right on the ski area (Route 39 is actually a ski slope down to the Central during the winter). Public transportation is convenient and affordable (see the full access information at the Myoko Tourist Office website). Vehicles must have snow tires and be 4WD (chains are often not sufficient); the slope in front of the hotel, as well as Akakura's main street, can be very slippery, particularly after snowplows have cleared the snow. Parking is also limited.

By train
  • Myoko can be easily accessed from all of Japan's major international gateways. Most international travelers will come through Nagano Station, either on the Nagano Shinkansen on the way from Tokyo, or via Nagoya from that city's Chubu Airport, or Osaka (Kansai Airport). See the Myoko Tourist Office's access information for more details.
  • By car
  • About 10 minutes from the Myokokogen Interchange of the Joshinetsu Expressway.
  • By public bus
  • About 15 minutes from JR Myokokogen Station to Akakura Onsen Iriguchi, the nearest bus stop to the hotel (five-minute walk from the stop to the hotel).
  • By taxi
  • About 10 minutes from JR Myokokogen Station to the Central.
  • Please note: we cannot provide hotel shuttle bus service during the winter months.